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I am a Zimbabwe-based (Waterfalls) colour pencil artist using art to campaign for animals to be noticed. I am their voice.

My love for the bush and wildlife has led me to draw these wonderful wild animals in the bush.

I believe art is a natural talent as I am self-taught. It has taken me years to perfect my skills. I can paint any wildlife animal(s) or bush scenes involving wildlife.

I grew up using both graphite and colour pencils. I found the coloured pencils were a great tool as I was able to draw wild animals such that one would feel like you were present in the wild with the animal and watching it.

I have been invited to several exhibitions in Zimbabwe.

I have painted with 515 luxury tours and exhibited at Wild Geese Art fest, Jacaranda Art Fair October 2021 showing the public the beauty of wild animals.

I have managed to sell many of my art works at these various art festivals.

I am looking for global support in hoping that you as an art lover my find my artwork fascinating and love paintings on wildlife inspiring you to purchase one of my original artworks.

Every painting bought supports me to continue my work and especially supports the wildlife which do not have a voice.

Thank you for your support.

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Caleeny Nzvengende has been recognized as one of the best World’s Best Animal Realists.

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