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Phenomenal collection of African wildlife drawings

About Me

I am a colour pencil artist using art to campaign for animals to be noticed. I am their voice. My love for the bush and wildlife has led me to draw these wonderful wild animals in the bush.

I believe art is a natural talent as I am self-taught. It has taken me years to perfect my skills. I can paint any wildlife animal(s) or bush scenes involving wildlife.

Original Paintings


Colour pencil on Kromekorte 300gsm paper

A2 Size Price : $340 (£289)

A1 Size Price : $440 (£374) (Includes Postage)

The Beauty of The Soul

If they breathe, they live, if they live, they feel, if they feel they love, if they love they are aware, if they are aware they have a Soul

Colour Pencil on 300gsm kromekorte paper

A2 Size Price : $350 (£296) A1 Size Price : $460 (£391) (Includes Postage)

The King Of The Jungle

The lion of hope spends his days hunting, eating, protecting, mating, leadership and caring for the young. Aims to establish and maintain the clan, as he hopes for the future

Available as a Redo time 8- 12 days

A2 Size Price: $350 (£297)

A1 Size Price: $470 (£400) (Includes Postage)

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